How Well Did Your Roof Make It Through the Summer Storms? Are You Sure?

Most of us in the South forget how brutal the rainy and stormy seasons of the late summer can be. Your roof has to take a lot of abuse throughout the year,

Most of us in the South forget how brutal the rainy and stormy seasons of the late summer can be. Your roof has to take a lot of abuse throughout the year, but during the summer, the sun beats down on it, and then it also has to put up with harsh storms and rains. Before you answer the question about how well your roof made it through the storms and extreme heat of the summertime, you might want to hire a roof repair Charleston, SC company to make sure!

Extreme Temperatures Are Bad Enough

We all know how hard the extreme temperatures can be on the body, imagine what they did to your roof over the past several months. Adding insult to injury, the summer rains and harsh storms are just one more reason that you should have your roof checked. Often, we assume that if we don’t see water damage or shingles on the ground, all is good – but do we really know?

Signs to Look For

Although there are sometimes obvious signs that a storm caused damage, such as a tree down or shingles tearing off, most of the time there is no way to spot the damage that can result from a storm. The only way to really know for sure is to have someone get up on the roof and look around. When it comes to storm damage, many homeowners insurance policies will pay to have a roof repaired or replaced if it was caused by a storm. But you have to document storm damage and know exactly what to look for in order to get your claim approved.

Why You Should Have Your Roof Inspected

Whether your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or a severe storm has rushed through, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected. An inspection isn’t just about seeing and reporting signs of storm damage for insurance claims; it is also about stopping a small problem before it can manifest into a much larger one. It’s always better to be proactive than to spend money cleaning up after the fact. And if you don’t have things in writing after a storm, you can have a hard time tracing it back to a particular storm event and getting your claim processed.

Hiring a Professional You Can Trust

The reason that you have to put extra trust and faith into a roofer is because they have to be your eyes and ears to tell you what is going on on top of your roof. Your roof is a huge investment and if it needs to be repaired or replaced, you want someone with the experience, integrity, and knowledge to advise you about what your options are and what the best fix is. At Pioneer Roofing, we understand that homeowners put their faith and trust in us and we take that very seriously.

As we roll into fall, if someone asks you how well your roof made it through the summer, you might say “great.” It is always best to verify when it comes to something as important and expensive as your roof. Ensuring that your roof is good to go for the fall and winter ahead is the best way to give yourself some peace of mind. Contact us today and let us be your trusted guide to ensure that your roof is in prime shape!

The Hardships of Summer – What They Might be Doing to Your Roof

If there is one thing that the South is known for, it is the extremely humid and hot temperatures of the summer. It can take a toll on you personally

If there is one thing that the South is known for, it is the extremely humid and hot temperatures of the summer. It can take a toll on you personally, so imagine what it is doing to your roof! Extreme temperatures can cause a lot of damage to the top of your roof; what are you doing to combat it? These are the consequences of the sun beating down, explained by our roofing contractors in Summerville, SC.

Thermal Shock

Although the temperatures don’t typically dip too much at night, it can sometimes happen. The biggest temperature insult comes from thermal shock. This happens when your roof is exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures for several days in a row, and then the temperature drops significantly at nighttime. The extreme change in temperature can make your roof expand and then contract, which can affect its integrity. This is especially true of metal roofs, and in extreme cases it can lead to warping.


Your roof has to absorb a lot of heat, especially during the prolonged extreme temperatures of summer. If water gets trapped underneath the surface of the roof, it expands, and then it can contract when the water evaporates. This expanding followed by contracting pushes the roofing material up and it causes a “blister” appearance on the surface of your roof.

Roof Growth

Sometimes there can be gaps in between the shingle or tiles of the roof, which is where water can accumulate and cause gaps. The sun can cause moist cracks between the shingles, which is a perfect storm of moss and mold growth. The growth of mold and mildew can cause damage to the shingles and predispose them to chip, break, or come off altogether.

Storms, High Winds, and Hurricanes

The summers in Charleston come with the threat of high winds, storms, and hurricanes, which can all affect your roof. Hailstorms can leave little cracks in your roofing, leading to reduced integrity over time. This eventually might lead to prematurely needing a new roof. Also, during high winds, you can lose shingles that might be loose, or branches can fall and hit the top of your roof, leading to damage.

As we get through summer, things are heating up. If you think the extremely high temperatures are taking their toll on you, imagine what they are doing to your roof. If it has been a long time since you have called a roofing contractor in Summerville, SC to inspect your roof, now is the perfect time to do. Before the colder weather rushes in, it is a good idea to know the status of your roof. And if a storm has come through, it is even more important to have someone take a look. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Springtime Roof Maintenance Tips

As we quickly roll into spring, many homeowners will soon get the itch to get outdoors and perform some home maintenance items.

As we quickly roll into spring, many homeowners will soon get the itch to get outdoors and perform some home maintenance items. Your roof is a significant investment, which is why preventative maintenance is needed to protect it. These are some easy spring maintenance tips from our roof repair Summerville, SC experts for you to consider. Remember, it is always less expensive to maintain than to repair!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Although gutter cleaning might not feel like it falls into the realm of roof maintenance, it does. When you allow dirt and debris to build up in your gutters, they can lead to mold and mildew growth. And over time, that will lead to things like pest breeding and wood rot in your fascia and soffit boards. The best way not only to protect your home’s foundation but also to preserve the integrity of your roof is to get those gutters cleaned and free-flowing before the spring showers hit.

Inspect for Damage

One of the best ways to see whether your roof needs repair or replacement is to look for signs that you might not notice without specifically checking. While you are getting your gutters cleaned, look for granules of roofing shingles that might have washed off and gotten stuck. A clear sign that your roof is beginning to break down is seeing roof granules around the ground or in your gutters, which is another reason to clean your gutters. Just make sure to pay extra attention to what you find!

Clean Your Roof

A common question that we get is whether it is a good idea to clean your roof by hiring a pressure washing service. Our answer is “yes” and “no.” We aren’t trying to confuse you, but pressure washing is a great idea for roofing maintenance – but not in the traditional sense. Power washing is too high-powered a wash spray for shingled roofs. If you use power washing, it can lead to missing shingles, degradation of the roofing granules, and damage from water getting up underneath the roofing materials.

However, soft washing, which is performed by pressure washing companies, is a good idea. Soft washing uses a gentler spray with concentrated solvents to clean off dirt and debris build-up that can lead to your roof sustaining damage. So if you are going to hire a service, make sure they know the difference between pressure and soft washing.

Hire a Roofing Company for a Roof Inspection

Unfortunately, when it comes to roofs, you can’t normally see what is actually happening on top of your roof. Having a roofing professional inspect your roof is an excellent way to ensure that nothing is lurking that can go from a small problem to a major issue overnight.

As we roll into spring, now is the perfect time to consider performing spring home maintenance tasks for your roof and the exterior of your home. If you want to know what kind of shape your roof is in, contact Pioneer Roofing today for an inspection. Our mission is to ensure that your roof doesn’t need a roof repair in Summerville, SC. Contact Pioneer Roofing to make your appointment today!

Are you Sure Your Roof Made It Through Hurricane Season Successfully?

As we near the end of hurricane season, this year has already been a bumpy ride. Although no major ones have hit the South Carolina shore line, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t had our fair share of storms. If your roof is older than a couple of years and you haven’t had it inspected in a while, it might be worth your while to have a professional roofing company in Mt. Pleasant, SC come and make sure that things are in top shape!

Don’t let a Small Repair Turn Into Something Major

The problem with roofs is that no one can see what is going on on top of your home until things are usually really bad. As your roof ages, it might sustain damage that can go unnoticed. And if you don’t have a regular inspection that small repair can turn into the need for something major and expensive. If you want to make sure that you head up anything serious that could be brewing, have a professional inspect for signs that signal you need a repair.

Your Roof is Nearing The End of Its Lifespan

If your roof is over eight years old, it is time to have someone take a look whether you are worried about storm damage or now. Over time, roofs take a whole lot of abuse. And since you know that it can only last so long, having someone take a look can make the difference between a small repair now or having to replace the whole thing a couple of years earlier than necessary. A trusted roofing Mt. Pleasant, SC company can evaluate your roof and make sure that it has a couple more years to last and also that there aren’t any concerns that need to be addressed right now.

You Have Seen Signs That can Signal Damage

Although you can’t see the top of your roof, there are signs that you can be seen from the ground to indicate that you need a roof repair or replacement. Things like granules in the gutters can signal that your shingles aren’t holding up well, or if you find shingle material on the ground, that could mean that you are missing one. Either way, if you even suspect that something is going on, it is better to have someone take a look than to ignore it and let it turn into a serious problem.

Start the New Year With a new Roof?

If you know that your roof is either nearing the end or past its prime sometimes being proactive can be a good plan of action. No one wants to invest in a new roof, but if you wait too long, then you can end up paying a whole lot more to repair the damage from a roof that isn’t working to protect your home. This new year, consider investing in your home by replacing the roof. It will add equity, increase the curbside appeal of your home, and mean that you don’t have to worry about it for a long time.

As we end 2020, now is an excellent time to make sure that your roof has made it through one more hurricane season intact. The only way to know for sure that your roof is in good shape is by hiring a roofing company like Pioneer Roofing for an inspection.

We have trained professionals that know how to spot signs of a problem before they become a real problem. Schedule your roof inspection today.

Roofing Tips: How to Tell If You Need a Pro Roof Repair Summerville SC

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Although you don’t think about it, there are a number of things, including age, poor initial installation, storms, etc. that can damage your roof.

Roof damaged? It’s time to find the best roof repair Summerville SC has to offer.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Although you don’t think about it, there are a number of things, including age, poor initial installation, storms, etc. that can damage your roof. You  might need the top-rated roof repair Summerville SC offers.

In the Greater Charleston area including Summerville, Ridgeville, Moncks Corner, Mt. Pleasant and beyond, your roof requires regular maintenance and an annual inspection to prolong its life.

Professional roof repair in Summerville SC offers long-lasting care. Only a professional roofer can assess your roof’s condition and figure out the best option for your roof.

Here are some signs your roof needs to be repaired professionally:

  1. Damaged shingles – Curled, cracked, lifted or missing!

Shingles that are curled, cracked, lifted or absent are a problem! All of these are indications that your shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan. If you see many of these types of shingles, you should consider getting your roof replaced. If it’s only a few shingles or a small area, a roof repair might be your best option.

Broken and missing shingles allow water to leak into the under layer of the roof, which leads to serious roof damage. Analyze the problem quickly by hiring a professional roof repair company in Summerville SC.

  1. Storm Damage to Your Roof

Strong storms can totally destroy the roof or leave it needing a roof repair. During hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds or hailstorms, your roof’s shingles suffer a lot and this can be the reason of dents and punctures of shingles. The high speed of the wind can lift the shingles up and leave holes in your roof. Fix these issues immediately!

  1. Sagging Roof

If you notice the decking or rafters in your attic are sagging downward instead of straight like they were built, they may be sagging due to long-term water leaking and moisture. If it’s localized, you may be able to avoid a complete roof replacement, but you should hire a professional, certified roofer to assess it. You may just need a roof repair if you caught it in time!

  1. Notorious Interior Leaks

Small leaks can go running for quite some time and no one notices them or ignores the signs. Even small amounts of water can cause considerable damage to your roof over time. Be on the lookout for water damage or stains and spots on your wall and ceilings. These are usually signs there is damage to the roof and you need roof repair in Summerville SC.

  1. Large growth of algae

In a humid climate, algae can grow easily. Algae and moss is the result of rain and humid days and can damage your roof. The large growth of algae grows where it gets heat and moisture and roofs are a common place for it. A professional roof repair company can assess the algae growth and give you an estimate on fixing any issues.


Most people don’t realize minor roof issues lead to big, costly roofing repairs and replacements. Hire professionals for roof repair in Summerville SC before it’s too late. Pioneer Roofing can help you!

If you are looking for professional roofers who can solve your roofing problems effectively, you can call 843.810.9811 for a free roofing consultation.

Signs It’s Time to Hire the Best Roofing Company in Charleston SC

Replacing an old and damaged roof is a big investment for home improvement. When that time comes, you shouldn’t hire the cheapest roofer in the Lowcountry.

When the signs are there, it’s time for you to search for the best roofing company in Charleston SC.

Replacing an old and damaged roof is a big investment for home improvement. When that time comes, you shouldn’t hire the cheapest roofer in the Lowcountry. It’s time to find and hire the BEST roofing company in Charleston SC.

People often ignore signs of roof damage until it’s way past repair and a roof replacement makes much more sense. The longer the roof goes without repair, the more damage it can cause to your home.

To avoid damage to the interior of your home, you need to replace your roof in a timely fashion. Here are 5 signs you need a roof replacement:

  1. Buckled Shingles

When you find that the shingles of the roof are curled or buckled, it indicates an aging roof that may need replacement. Buckled shingles occur when there is moisture in the attic space, pushing the nails in the roof deck upwards. This can expose your home to more damage from winds, storms and moisture.

  1. Algae growth or tar streaking

As the Lowcountry is prone to a humid climate most of the year, algae growth on the roof is common throughout Greater Charleston, SC. If your roof is covered in black streaks, you’re likely wondering what it is, how it affects your roof, and what you can do about it. It may be a sign you need to have a roofing consultation from a pro.

  1. Missing granules

When a roof is losing its weatherproofing properties, you can see the missing granules as a sign. You can check your gutters for granule build up and also do a visual inspection of the roof if you can get up on a ladder. If you find these issues, it is a clear sign that you should call a leading roofing company in Charleston SC to check the roof.

  1. Missing Shingles

Charleston homes are prone to be impacted by tropical storms and high winds, and sometimes hurricanes. These storms can blow the shingles off and open pathways for water to seep down in the roof. If you have evidence of moisture coming through the roof like water stains on your ceiling or walls, it’s time to get a roof inspection!

A professional roofing company can assess whether you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement. Hire a trustworthy company that will show you the difference!

  1. Light coming through roof boards

If you can see that light shining through the roof, there’s a big problem. This can occur from holes in the roof from fallen branches, rot damage from excessive or long-term moisture, storms or other issues. Don’t wait—You likely have a problem that needs to be corrected immediately.

  1. Leaky Chimneys

The chimney and roofs should be properly flashed so that your house is protected from water damage. If you see that the water is leaking from your chimney, it is the clear sign that your chimney is not properly flashed or it is not performing as it should.

Pioneer Roofing can help you solve any issues you experience with your commercial or residential roof in the Charleston area. We hope you’ll use the roofing tips above to protect your home. We want to ensure that your roof protects you for a lifetime.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, take immediate action by hiring professionals for roofing in Charleston SC who can help you in preventing other extra expenses caused by the damaged roof.

Call 843.810.9811 for free roofing consultation today. There are tons of great roofing companies in Charleston SC to choose from, and we hope you’ll consider Pioneer Roofing. We aim to exceed your expectations every time.