Is 2022 The Year You Upgrade to Metal?

As we roll into 2022, many of us have committed to being a better version of ourselves. For some homeowners, that might mean paying closer attention to protecting your greatest asset – your home. If your roof is older, it might be time to consider a roof replacement. But should you go for the same old shingled roof, or is a metal roof a better option? Over the past decade, metal roofs offer a better and more versatile product. Is this the year that you should decide to upgrade? Here are four reasons to consider hiring roofers in Charleston, SC to make a change!

Go Green All The Way

One of the biggest advantages of installing a metal roof is that it is a much greener option than shingle roofing material. A metal roof is made from as much as 90% recycled material. And when it has reached the end of its lifespan, it is 100% recyclable. That means that you won’t be filling landfills with roofing materials to become the problem of the next generation!

It Lasts Longer Than Other Alternatives

When you compare metal roofing to shingle roofing material, a metal roof that is well installed and maintained can last upwards of 50-80 years. When you compare that with the average lifespan of a shingle roof, which is about 20 to 25 years, metal is a much better investment! Not only will you not be filling a landfill; you might not have to replace your roof at all again in your lifetime!

It is Low-Maintenance

When you compare a metal roof to a shingle roof, it is nearly maintenance-free. It is also durable and fire-resistant. This means you never have to worry about your roof catching fire! If you do need a repair, it is as simple as replacing just the bad parts, so it’s less expensive than repairing a roof with other materials.

Energy Efficiency

A metal roof is especially beneficial in the South to help with the hot, humid summers. Metal is reflective, which means that it won’t absorb the sun’s radiant heat. That means that your bills will be lower in the summer than they’d be with a shingle roof. In fact, according to statistics, a metal roof will cost as much as 25% less in monthly energy costs year-round.

They Have Become Very Versatile

Just a decade ago, metal roofs presented very few options for homeowners worried about fitting the existing style of their homes. New metal roofing materials not only come in a variety of colors, but they also have several styles that can accommodate traditional Southern decor, new contemporary, and everything in between. It is no longer a specialized type of roofing material, because it has definitely become more mainstream!

As we roll into 2022, those looking to add home maintenance to their resolution list should consider replacing their existing shingle roof with a metal one. Metal offers several benefits over shingles and comes in an array of styles and colors. For more information about metal roofs and whether they are a good option for you, call Pioneer Roofing today.