Repair or Replace – That is the Question

Having a new roof installed might be necessary, but it is expensive. That is why many homeowners try to extend their current roof’s lifespan for as long as they can. Unfortunately, sometimes putting a bandage on a problem can end up making it worse. There are times when a roof can be repaired, and others when it should be replaced altogether. But how are you to know? It isn’t like you can get on top of the roof to look. Charleston roofing contractors are the best guide to tell you what you should do, but here are some signs that a repair is nothing more than throwing good money after bad.

Your Roof is Nearing the End

All roofing material comes with a specific lifespan, but that is just a guide. There are times when a roof can last past the expected date, and others when it might fail right before. It is important to know how old your roof is and what you can expect. If you know that it is nearing the end, it is always a good idea to have a professional take a look. Often, people have no idea that there is a problem with their roof until the problem is expensive. Being proactive is always a good idea to avoid costly damage.

You Notice Signs of Leaking

If you notice signs of continual leaking, this might indicate that the materials are breaking down. Things like water stains on your ceiling or in the attic signal that something is amiss. Some types of roof issues can be repaired, while others cannot. Also, sometimes having extensive and expensive roof repairs isn’t wise. If a repair is going to cost close to what investing in a new roof install might, then it is a good idea to start new. Then you have the assurance of knowing that it is taken care of for the long-term!

Repairs Don’t Work

As knowledgeable as a roofer is, there are times when they simply can’t repair something for good. If you have a problem with your roof that isn’t taken care of with a repair, then it might be something that needs to be really investigated. And if a roofing company has to start tearing things up, it might be cheaper to just go with new!

It is Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance

No one wants to invest in a new roof unless they have to, but if you have homeowners insurance and there has been storm or hail damage, it might be wise to just replace your roof. You pay your insurance for a reason! Claims that are covered under your policy are going to cost someone else, not you as the homeowner. If you can, why not start with a new roof? If it is older, then if you try to push it with repairs, you may just have to redo it in a couple of years. Find a professional who knows what to look for in terms of what is likely covered under your insurance so that a new roof will be at someone else’s expense.
There are times when a roof repair makes sense, and times when it is nothing more than a waste of money. Ensure that you get the right advice from Charleston roofing contractors by hiring Pioneer Roofing. We operate with integrity and transparency and will always provide the least costly and lasting solution to your roofing issue. Contact us to make your appointment today!