Springtime Roof Maintenance Tips

As we quickly roll into spring, many homeowners will soon get the itch to get outdoors and perform some home maintenance items. Your roof is a significant investment, which is why preventative maintenance is needed to protect it. These are some easy spring maintenance tips from our roof repair Summerville, SC experts for you to consider. Remember, it is always less expensive to maintain than to repair!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Although gutter cleaning might not feel like it falls into the realm of roof maintenance, it does. When you allow dirt and debris to build up in your gutters, they can lead to mold and mildew growth. And over time, that will lead to things like pest breeding and wood rot in your fascia and soffit boards. The best way not only to protect your home’s foundation but also to preserve the integrity of your roof is to get those gutters cleaned and free-flowing before the spring showers hit.

Inspect for Damage

One of the best ways to see whether your roof needs repair or replacement is to look for signs that you might not notice without specifically checking. While you are getting your gutters cleaned, look for granules of roofing shingles that might have washed off and gotten stuck. A clear sign that your roof is beginning to break down is seeing roof granules around the ground or in your gutters, which is another reason to clean your gutters. Just make sure to pay extra attention to what you find!

Clean Your Roof

A common question that we get is whether it is a good idea to clean your roof by hiring a pressure washing service. Our answer is “yes” and “no.” We aren’t trying to confuse you, but pressure washing is a great idea for roofing maintenance – but not in the traditional sense. Power washing is too high-powered a wash spray for shingled roofs. If you use power washing, it can lead to missing shingles, degradation of the roofing granules, and damage from water getting up underneath the roofing materials.

However, soft washing, which is performed by pressure washing companies, is a good idea. Soft washing uses a gentler spray with concentrated solvents to clean off dirt and debris build-up that can lead to your roof sustaining damage. So if you are going to hire a service, make sure they know the difference between pressure and soft washing.

Hire a Roofing Company for a Roof Inspection

Unfortunately, when it comes to roofs, you can’t normally see what is actually happening on top of your roof. Having a roofing professional inspect your roof is an excellent way to ensure that nothing is lurking that can go from a small problem to a major issue overnight.

As we roll into spring, now is the perfect time to consider performing spring home maintenance tasks for your roof and the exterior of your home. If you want to know what kind of shape your roof is in, contact Pioneer Roofing today for an inspection. Our mission is to ensure that your roof doesn’t need a roof repair in Summerville, SC. Contact Pioneer Roofing to make your appointment today!