The Hardships of Summer – What They Might be Doing to Your Roof

If there is one thing that the South is known for, it is the extremely humid and hot temperatures of the summer. It can take a toll on you personally, so imagine what it is doing to your roof! Extreme temperatures can cause a lot of damage to the top of your roof; what are you doing to combat it? These are the consequences of the sun beating down, explained by our roofing contractors in Summerville, SC.

Thermal Shock

Although the temperatures don’t typically dip too much at night, it can sometimes happen. The biggest temperature insult comes from thermal shock. This happens when your roof is exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures for several days in a row, and then the temperature drops significantly at nighttime. The extreme change in temperature can make your roof expand and then contract, which can affect its integrity. This is especially true of metal roofs, and in extreme cases it can lead to warping.


Your roof has to absorb a lot of heat, especially during the prolonged extreme temperatures of summer. If water gets trapped underneath the surface of the roof, it expands, and then it can contract when the water evaporates. This expanding followed by contracting pushes the roofing material up and it causes a “blister” appearance on the surface of your roof.

Roof Growth

Sometimes there can be gaps in between the shingle or tiles of the roof, which is where water can accumulate and cause gaps. The sun can cause moist cracks between the shingles, which is a perfect storm of moss and mold growth. The growth of mold and mildew can cause damage to the shingles and predispose them to chip, break, or come off altogether.

Storms, High Winds, and Hurricanes

The summers in Charleston come with the threat of high winds, storms, and hurricanes, which can all affect your roof. Hailstorms can leave little cracks in your roofing, leading to reduced integrity over time. This eventually might lead to prematurely needing a new roof. Also, during high winds, you can lose shingles that might be loose, or branches can fall and hit the top of your roof, leading to damage.

As we get through summer, things are heating up. If you think the extremely high temperatures are taking their toll on you, imagine what they are doing to your roof. If it has been a long time since you have called a roofing contractor in Summerville, SC to inspect your roof, now is the perfect time to do. Before the colder weather rushes in, it is a good idea to know the status of your roof. And if a storm has come through, it is even more important to have someone take a look. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.