If Your Roof Has Storm Damage, Who Pays?

Homeowners insurance isn’t optional; you have to carry it. Although it might seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s a good thing to have when you have something disastrous happen, like the need for a new roof. But having your insurance company pay for a new roof isn’t a must; they require proof before they’ll cover it. Since you probably don’t know what that proof entails, it’s always a good idea to hire Mt. Pleasant roofing contractors with the experience and knowledge to help your claim get approved so the cost of your new roof doesn’t befall you!

What is Storm Damage?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover storm damage, but the roof must be damaged by things like hail, high winds, falling debris, or rain. Companies require factors like tying the damage to the original incident and proving that the damage exists at all. There need to be clear signs that a storm is to blame for your roof issues, which means documentation that only expert roofing companies can spot.

What are the Signs of Roof Storm Damage?

Sometimes roof damage due to heavy storms isn’t easy to identify, which is why it’s critical to have an inspection by a roofing specialist. Some things that they will look for are:

  • Roof damage caused by flying debris such as branches or trees
  • Damage caused by hail can bruise the shingles, usually in the shape of little divots on the shingles
  • Missing shingles often result from wind damage or excessive wearing of the granules on the shingles

How Often Should You Look for Signs of Roof Storm Damage?

It’s typically recommended that you have a yearly roof inspection to make sure that nothing is amiss. After all, you can’t see what is going on from the ground, and prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to home maintenance. If a heavy storm rolls through, it’s also a good idea to have an expert take a look. Documentation is critical for the claims process, and if you can’t pinpoint when the damage occurred, it might be more difficult to prove that the damage is directly related to a specific storm event.

Will My Roof Be Covered by My Homeowner’s Insurance?

It’s difficult to say whether a new roof or a roof repair is within the scope of your homeowners insurance without verifying what your policy says. You need to review what your policy states before you file any claim. If your roof is covered against natural events, then make sure to let your roofer know that you intend to claim it against your insurance so they can give you all the documentation you’ll need.

As we roll into summer, home maintenance is a must, especially when it comes to your roof. You want to make sure that it is hardy enough to make it through the summer heat and storms. At Pioneer Roofing, we not only know how to repair roofing damage or replace your roof altogether; we are the roofing contractors in Mt. Pleasant to call when you suspect that you might have sustained roofing damage due to a storm. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection!