Common Roofing Problems to Be Aware of This Summer

The brutal dog days of summer are about to hit the Summerville area. If residents think the heat is too much, consider what the burning sun is doing to the top of your roof! There are some common issues that can happen with your roof during the summertime. It is important to know what they are and when it might be time to call Summerville roofing contractors to have your roof evaluated and repaired. These are the most common things to look for this summer.

Sun Damage

The sun can do a lot of damage to your roof over time. The best way to prevent sun damage is to apply a coating to your roof that protects it like sunscreen protects your skin. After prolonged exposure, your roof deck might begin to deteriorate and fade. The adhesive that holds your material together can start to melt from the heat of the sun. If it does, that will age your shingles faster, leading to you needing a roof replacement. Signs of sun damage may not be visible, which is why you should consider having your roof inspected seasonally.

Humidity Damage

If there is one thing that South Carolina is known for, it is high humidity. Humid weather produces excess moisture that can lead to damage. When your roof’s temperature is colder than the air, it can lead to condensation. The moisture produced then leads to leaks. That is why Summerville roofing contractors need to use waterproofing materials when repairing or installing to withstand humid conditions.

Water Damage

Rainstorms are the norm in the South, and they can also damage your roof during the summer. Having a professional company look for cracks or weak shingles is the only way to reduce the risk of damage. Also, you can check the attic for any visible signs of water damage throughout the year. Sometimes there is water that isn’t visible with the naked eye, so a detector might be necessary to rule out hidden water damage.

Moss Damage

Moss and algae can start to grow on your roof if you don’t maintain it properly. When moss is allowed to grow unaddressed, it can lead to moisture damage. Over time, the wood underneath can start to rot and erode. And the longer moss is allowed to grow, the harder it will become to remove, which can lead to all sorts of problems down the line.

Storm Damage

Heavy storms can also lead to roof damage. If a storm does roll through your area, make sure to check for

  • Trees and branches that might have damaged your roof
  • Leaves, dirt, and debris that is trapped in your gutters
  • Dirt and debris clogging roof drains

Storms involving high winds or hail can do some major damage to your home, and if the damage is extensive enough, it might be a good idea to file a claim with your insurance policy. But the only way to know for sure is to hire a roofing company to inspect the property following any major storm.
Summers in Summerville can be brutally hot, and that heat can also lead to some common signs that it is time to call a Summerville roofing contractor like Pioneer Roofing to have your roof inspected. Schedule your regular evaluation before summer is underway.